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Graphic Design

The world of communications is a world where quality and uniqueness are essential. The image your company projects has a significant impact on its success. In this new era of communication, visibility and reputation are going through diverse and powerful tools.

The Symbol of your business, your corporate identity, must be recognizable at a glance. It expresses your values and clearly defines your business.

It should make a good first impression! Your charter needs to be compelling, concise, focused, consistent and reassuring.

Samui Multimedia analyze and advise you to make the most possible, consistent communication plan, depending on your industry, the existing communication, commercial target, competition and your budget.

Online services

The main online graphic design we are specialized in :

  • Web Design
  • Newsletter
  • Social network profile
  • Banner
  • Flash animation
  • Advertising insert

Offline services

The main offline graphic design we are specialized in :

  • Logo
  • Business card
  • Flyer
  • Poster
  • Menu
  • Brochure
  • Magazine
  • Sign
  • Banner
  • Packaging

Graphic tools

1. Choose your color

Color Picker

The Color picker allows you to find the color codes for the color you want.
It allows us to integrate the exact color you want to your project.

>> Access to the Color picker

Then to find other visually homogeneous colors for your theme, we recommend the following tool.

2. Choose your theme colors

Kuler Website

For a good graphic design, the website Adobe Color CC allows you to find more visually appropriate colors for the theme of your creation.
You can build your range of colors from a color or from an image.
Adobe Color CC allows a large number of configurations to determine the most appropriate color to your desires.

>> Access to the website Adobe Color CC

3. Choose your font

Dafont Website

To select the font that best suits your project, we advise you to choose among the free fonts characters site Dafont.
This site allows you to view the text you want to use in different configurations and make lists of your favorite fonts for better decisions later.

Then simply note the name of your selection for we can apply it on your project.

>> Access to the website Dafont.com

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