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What is a mobile application ?

Mobile App

A mobile application is an application developed specifically for a platform.

For example, an iPhone application will be developed using a language specific to Apple development and available only on the App Store (Apple Online Store).

What is a mobile website ?

Mobile Website

A mobile site is website that is optimized for smartphones. To view a mobile site, it must be connected to the Internet and accessed via the web browser on your smartphone. SEO is important, in the same way as a web site. The development language is similar to that used to develop a website.

What is a web-app ?


A web app is an enhanced mobile site. Ergonomics is better to compete with that obtained through mobile applications. Offers a web-app to add to favorite on the desktop (the web-app will be accessible directly from the desktop like mobile applications). The web app is still very little known to the general public but has growth potential, as they allow for a full application available on multiple platforms.

The benefits of a mobile application

The main advantage compared to a web-app or a mobile site mobile application is its ergonomics: it is more user-friendly and therefore, the user experience is higher compared to that obtained with a web-app or a mobile site. This comes from the fact that developing a mobile application, format, navigation and content are adapted to the smartphone.

The application also allows you to use and integrate the phone's features (accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, camera ...), which can make the use a richer experience.

Another advantage is, to run an application does not require internet connection.

A mobile application is also more popular with the general public because it is easier to find an application as a mobile site with "stores" offered by Apple, Google, Blackberry, etc ... The application can also alert mobile users on events via push notifications.

The disadvantages of a mobile application

The main disadvantage of this application is that it must comply with the rules defined by the various companies of mobile platforms (Apple iOS applications for Google Android, Windows for windows phone applications, etc...)

Another disadvantage is the cost of developing an application. On average, it costs more to develop a mobile application designed on multiple platforms (to be available for all mobile carriers) than to develop a mobile site or web app.

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