S.E.O. Referencement

1. To be easily identified, a website must be properly referenced

SEO Google

SEO of a website is indexed in the search tools of search engines and directories.
Its objective is to improve the positioning of the site in result pages of these search engines to improve its visibility.

SEO involves a reflection on the keywords that you want to highlight. The search engines will identify these keywords. It is best to establish a list of these keywords by a non-specialist business to remember meaningful words for the “average user”. It is strictly forbidden to incorporate into its keywords existing brands protected, the name of personalities, the name of your competitors, … The courts routinely condemn this type of unfair practice.

Think of the SEO at the same time you set your tree graph: each word used in the navigation will be critical, as search engines will index it. At the technical level the publishing tool should create a clear URL, this means that the title of your document will be included in the address of the page. Editorially it is advisable to use the right keywords in the titles of your documents, repeated in its contents and make links to reference websites on the subject.

A good SEO strategy is great but it can also be rather costly !

2. Referencement methods

2.1. SEO with search engines, free and paid

SEO Search EngineSo far Google is 91.6% share of visits in France (source: AT Internet, October 2010).
We must therefore treat its position on this engine without neglecting thatits competitors are Yahoo and Bing.

Visibility in the search engines is not immediate: the usual period of consideration is approximately three weeks after registration. In an emergency, it is necessary to enter the site through a paid service to speed up the process.

It is also possible to buy keywords for a defined period. Beware; this can be very expensive with an important period of trial and error to achieve a satisfactory result.

Moreover, it is not enough to be included in a search engine; we must reach the top results! To achieve this we must treat the choice of keywords that are in your pages (descriptive title, author, …). The tool for publishing your content should allow you to specify the terms you want to use as keywords. It is futile to think that we will be on the first page of generic words like “photographer” for example as it would associate the name of his city and the largest nearby city, the name of the department of region as well as his or her specialty.

SEOs cannot guarantee that your site will be in first position in the results of search engines. In fact, the search engines are constantly changing and implement systems to thwart artificial techniques to place a website.
Providing SEO include monitoring time and positioning of the website in major search engines. Indeed, in this respect, nothing is ever lost.

2.2. SEO in directory

SEO DirectoryThere are solutions of free or inexpensive automatic referencing, but often ineffective. Using a manual submission is more relevant.
What was included in the U.S. directories unrelated to your product and your customer!
You are in the best position to know the directory of your profession and reputation.

2.3. Natural SEO

Natural SEOIt is the fact that your site is considered in the search engines, because :
– Using clear url
– You add keywords in your publishing tool
– You have relevant content (which makes reference to other sites linked to you, is the notion of TrustRank uses Google)
– You links to relevant sites
– Your content is updated frequently

2.4. The “Social” SEO

SEO Social NetworkIt is important be present at the right time on the Internet. It is necessary that we find traces of you elsewhere on your website.

This requires maintaining a blog where you can view your site (however, this availability request to put this blog up to date with interesting content).

If users show an RSS feed of your site, it also helps improve your visibility to search engines.

Your presence on Facebook or Viadeo with a link pointing to your site will end up with another way.

It’s the same if you have videos: install them on YouTube, Vimeo and/or Dailymotion.

Finally, it may be helpful to add items on the forums indicating your website link. But be careful not to messages related to spam without interest, your posts will be removed by the moderator or the online community will turn against you with incendiary messages and the expected effect will be … otherwise your reputation online take a hit!

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