Website creation

1. Project study

Project study
At first, we identify together your needs and expectations. It is important that we understand all the details of your project to determine the appropriate features and design (see following chapters).

This first contact will allow us to write a specification document with the specificities of the creation of your website.

Following this interview, we will provide you with a free quote corresponding to these specification document with a timetable of the design steps.

Appointments will be scheduled to validate the main phases of the website construction.

2. Website features

Website features
The functionalities study makes it possible to determine which tools are necessary for your website to meet the needs of visitors in terms of usefulness and ease of use.

Examples of features: administration panel for content management, member area, slider, Google Maps, contact form, reservation system, payment system, online shop, photos/videos galleries, translations etc.
We can also realize customized functionalities corresponding to your needs.

3. Website design

Website design
For the study of website design (webdesign), we offer two possibilities:

  • Either we provide you a list of website templates created by professional webdesigners that match the needs of your project. Everything is editable, addable and/or deletable. This allows you to start on a solid basis if you have no precise idea for the design of your website.
  • Either you know exactly which webdesign is right for your website.
    In this case, if it is an existing website (your old website or another website), we copy the layout and graphics (colors, fonts, images etc).
    Otherwise, we start from “zero” by providing a pre-rendered rendering to you with graphic design software to validate.

The responsive (the fact that your website adapts to mobile devices) is obviously to be taken into account.

4. Website development and integration

Website development and integrationOnce the features and webdesign of your future website have been determined, comes the moment of creation.

We first install the structure of the website necessary to its operation (server settings + CMS WordPress if used).
Then we integrate the webdesign (WordPress theme and/or other).
Finally we program the features (and/or use of plug-in).

5. Website follow-up

Website follow-up
When the creation of your website is over, we meet you to explain and give you all the information relating to its operation.
Our goal is that you can be satisfied with our work methods and results.

But this does not end here !
We will continue to follow your website and help you maintain it for the long term:

  • We give you SEO tips for your website.
  • We explain Google Analytics so you can quantify and qualify the website traffic.
  • We check daily for theme and plug-ins updates (for a WordPress website).
  • We take care of your future small changes, if necessary.
  • We’ll let you know 30 days before renewing your domain name and hosting (if you use our services).
  • We remain open to questions and requests for information.
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