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SEO Website referencing

1. Introduction to website referencing

Website referencing is the indexing of a website in the search tools of directories and search engines.
Its goal is to improve the website positioning on the results pages to increase its traffic, visibility and brand awareness.
Good SEO is strategic.

SEOs cannot guarantee that your site will be # 1 in search engine results. Indeed, search engines are constantly evolving and are implementing systems to thwart artificial techniques to properly place a website.
Good SEO includes monitoring the website’s positioning in the major search engines. Because nothing is ever definitive in time!

2. Three kinds of referencing services

2.1. natural referencing

By definition, natural referencing refers to the techniques used by search engines that classify the results they return to Internet users when they type a request.

By extension, SEO is a term that is also used in digital marketing to define all of the techniques and methods that allow a website to be optimized to improve its ranking in search engines. This is also referred to as SEO for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO concerns only the results ranked by the engine relevance algorithm. Advertising results (Adwords) do not fall within the scope of SEO.
In natural referencing, the website is analyzed by robots. They therefore need to be able to access it, read it and fully understand what it is about. For this, there are several good practices to put in place and a certain number of techniques to avoid or even to proscribe!

To technically optimize your site for natural referencing, you must in particular:

  • Clean and uncluttered source code. You can use the W3C guidelines for inspiration.
  • Set up a robots.txt file that gives directions to search engine robots about areas they can crawl on the website.
  • Integrate an XML sitemap. This file gives a map of all the pages of the website that you want to index. This will help Google to discover the different URLs on your site.
  • Optimize the loading speed. A slow site takes longer to crawl and in the worst cases, it will rank lower in SEO.
  • Organize the structure of its site well to group together the content by theme.
  • And above all good content. Without content, there is no SEO possible. How do you expect the search engine to consider your web page to be the most relevant to a particular query if there is no content on it. To be referenced on a request, you must have a page that meets the Internet user’s intention with quality content. By quality, we mean unique, relevant, structured, sufficiently long and flawless content.

Natural referencing can be more or less dosed. It gives very comfortable results over time (which is verified by tracking its Google positioning). However, mathematical precision has no place here. It is therefore difficult to predict precise positions with natural referencing. We must move forward and adapt the dimensioning of actions as we go.

2.2. « Social » referencing

It’s about being on the internet at the right time. It is necessary that we find traces of you elsewhere than on your website.
Your presence on social networks with a link pointing to your site will make it possible to find you or to find you thanks to another way.
It may also require creating and maintaining a blog that will increase traffic to your website and increase brand awareness.

When your website uses an RSS feed, it also helps improve your visibility with search engines.

We offer detailed social management services and social media management.
Social management

2.3. Referencing in directories and forums

There are free or inexpensive auto-SEO solutions that are often ineffective. Using a manual submission is more relevant and has more effect on SEO.
What is the use of appearing in directories unrelated to your product and your customers?
You are in the best position to know the directory and forums of your profession and its reputation.

3. Samui Multimedia services

For “Social” referencing, good management of your social networks is important.
You can visit our dedicated pages:
Social management

Social media management

For natural referencing, here are our main services:

3.1. Competitive analysis – visibility / current positioning of your website

Audit on your current SEO and your competitors.
This is a global positioning report.
This inventory is often a prerequisite to be able to prepare a referencing strategy.

3.2. Strategy, search for the best keywords

This module consists of finding the keywords that combine search performance in terms of search volume and relevance to your business.

3.3. Technical audit of your website resistance to the Google search engine

Search for your website resistance to the Google search engine.
Your website is scrutinized to remove any possible brakes:

  • Validation to the W3C standards (html and CSS) so that the code of your website complies with the standards.
  • PageSpeed ​​(display speed of the pages of your website).

A duplicate content report is also provided.

3.4. Editorial tips for landing page optimization

Only landing pages are considered here.
Recommendations give you the ideal size for text content.
It make it possible to avoid too high a density of keywords. A too high density is considered by the engines as spam.
It also make it possible to avoid a too low density. A too low density prevents engines from understanding the meaning of the pages.
Each keyword therefore has an ideal density.

3.5. SEO writing for your website

Writing content must to be into the interest of internet users.
Good content should also be optimized for search engines.
It is both a “literary” and a “mathematical” exercise.
This writing is called “SEO writing”.

3.6. Positioning monitoring and monthly report

Your website ranking report for your site’s keywords.
A monthly report will be sent to you in PDF format in order to be able to control all aspects and thus act accordingly, if necessary …

3.7. AdWords support

SEO can be supplemented with paid SEO actions.
AdWords management in the form of a fixed monthly amount agreed together.
This plan does not depend on the amount you pay to Google AdWords.
A monthly report will be sent to you in PDF format in order to be able to control all aspects and thus act accordingly, if necessary …

4. Prices for website referencing

Service Rate
Competitive analysis 5,000 THB
Keyword research 2,000 THB
Technical audit of your website resistance to the Google search engine 2,000 THB
Editorial tips for landing page optimization and SEO writing 4,000 THB
Positioning monitoring and monthly report 2,000 THB/month
AdWords support 2,000 THB/month

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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