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Hosting and domain name

1. Domain name for your website

1.1. What is a domain name?

An internet address or domain name is the equivalent of your postal address on the internet (eg: This is how your contacts and customers will find your website on the web. A domain name is therefore essential when creating your site or customizing your email address.

Domain names no longer have a real impact on the SEO of your website.
A domain name can only be composed of lowercase unaccented letters, numbers and the character “-” as only punctuation.

1.2. Possible extensions

The most used

.com .net .online .org .store .site .tech .xyz .biz .fun .info .pro .fr

Associations and groups

.claims .club .community .faith .fans .gives .group .lgbt .partners .team .vip


.bargains .boutique .cash .cheap .consulting .coupons .credit .deals .direct .discount .fish .fund .kaufen .lease .live .markets .money .promo .pub .rent .sale .theater .tienda .trade .trading .watch

Culture and leisure

.academy .band .beer .bet .bid .bingo .catering .church .college .date .dating .dog .education .events .fashion .film .fun .gallery .garden .gifts .guitars .holiday .horse .ink .kitchen .life .limo .love .moda .ninja .party .pet .photo .photography .photos .pics .pictures .poker .press .productions .racing .rocks .salon .school .show .study .style .surf .toys .university .wiki


.army .baby .best .black .blue .buzz .camp .cards .care .cat .cleaning .clothing .codes .cool .cx .design .diamonds .domains .equipment .exposed .express .fail .feedback .fyi .glass .gold .graphics .gratis .green .gripe .guru .how .jetzt .kim .lighting .lol .memorial .men .mom .monster .news .pink .red .rentals .repair .report .rip .rodeo .science .shoes .social .solar .space .tips .today .tools .top .win .wtf .xyz


.bar .bio .cafe .coffee .cooking .menu .pizza .rest .restaurant .vodka

Real estate

.archi .build .builders .casa .condos .construction .estate .furniture .haus .immo .immobilien .land .maison .properties


.accountant .actor .associates .business .cab .careers .center .coach .company .directory .email .enterprises .expert .farm .financial .florist .foundation .institute .international .jewelry .legal .limited .loan .mba .solutions .studio .support .systems .tax .taxi .technology .ventures


.clinic .surgery


.bike .cricket .dance .fishing .fitness .futbol .golf .hockey .run .ski .soccer .tennis .yoga


.city .cruises .earth .flights .place .tours .town .world

Web and technologies

.blog .camera .click .cloud .computer .digital .download .host .hosting .link .media .network .online .parts .review .reviews .site .software .store .tech .video .webcam .website

1.3. Price of a domain name

Domain name Price
.com .net 1,500 THB/year
Others Contact us

2. Hosting of your website

2.1. What is hosting?

Web hosting is the act of putting your website or web application on a server so that everyone on the internet can access it.

2.2. Our hosting service

Samui Multimedia SM uses a server in Singapore to host your website.

vCPUs Memory Disk Transfer

2.3. Hosting rate for your website

Some websites require a large storage capacity because of a large number of photos / products to be hosted on the server.

Hosting Price
Normal website 2,500 THB/year
Website requiring a large storage capacity Contact us
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