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Leaflet design

1. About the design of your leaflets

Leaflet designOur leaflets are similar to our flyers, but come folded in one of our many folding options. Leaflets are an equally effective marketing tool as flyers and have the additional advantage of coming in a more compact form. Starting at a minimum order quantity of only 100 leaflets, they are a suitable marketing tool for even the smallest businesses.

If you have already the design of your leaflets, you can visit our page about the printing of leaflets:
Leaflets printing

2. Advices for the design of your leaflets

To create a design that fits your purpose, it’s always interesting to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Whose (transmitter, communicator)?
  • Say what (message, content)?
  • For whom (receiver, target group)?
  • With what effect (reaction, impact)?

While respecting the following four characteristics:

  • Draw attention.
  • To arouse interest.
  • Create desire
  • Cause an action kill.

3. Find a leaflet template

We mainly use Envato model banks.
The link below, allows you to access many models that can be used directly or useful as inspiration.
We own an Envato license which allows us to use and distribute these models and their adaptations without copyright concerns.
Leaflet templates on Envato

4. Graphic tools

4.1. Select your color

The Color Picker allows you to find the color codes that allow us to incorporate the exact color you want into your project.

Color picker

4.2. select your theme colors

For a good design, the Adobe Color CC website allows you to find visually appropriate colors for the theme of your creation.
You can build your color range from a color or an image.
Adobe Color CC allows a large number of configurations to determine the most appropriate colors for your theme.

Website Adobe Color CC

4.3. Select your fonts

To select the font that best suits your project, we advise you to choose from the free fonts on the Dafont website.
This site allows you to directly display the text you want to use in different configurations and make playlists of your favorite fonts to compare and choose better.
Then simply note the name of the font of your choice and send it to us so that we can integrate it into your project.

Website Dafont.com

5. Prices for the design of your leaflets

To be able to provide you a quotation, we need to know the time needed for the creation and the technical difficulty that depend on your project.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.

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