Website repair, upgrade and redesign in Koh Samui • Samui Multimedia

Website repair, upgrade and redesign

1. Website repair

Your website was working properly and suddenly bugs appear?
You have made a bad manipulation in your administration panel or somewhere else and your website is damaged or inaccessible?

Samui multimedia can help you to repair your website by fixing bugs and errors.

2. Website upgrade

Do you want to add functionalities to your website?
Need to insert new content sections?
Want to make big or small changes to your website?

Samui multimedia can help you to improve your website.

If you want to improve the display speed of your website, you can consult our dedicated page:
Performance optimization

3. Website redesign

Is your website design getting old?
Do you want to change a part or all of your webdesign for a new strategy?

Samui multimedia can help you redesign your website while keeping or modifying its functionality.

4. Prices

For a repair, improvement or redesign of a website, the price obviously depends on the work duration and complexity.
Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a free quotation.

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