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About websites

1. A personal website or a website for your business?

1.1. Personal website

In this age of social medias for family and business, it may seem unhelpful to have your own website. However, this has several advantages, from controlling your e-reputation to better visibility for potential business partners.

Control of your e-reputation

Online reputation is simply the image a person returns when they search for their name on the internet. These could be from social media accounts, blog posts, forums it interacts with or even photos it appears in. All of this information is readily visible to anyone, whether it is family or a potential employer. It is therefore necessary to control them as best as possible.

It’s when you want to control what can be found on you that you need to create a personal website. By associating your name with it and making it go as high as possible in your queries, you limit the number of other, potentially negative results, and prevent a third party from accessing them. This does not entirely solve the problem, but it is one of the most effective solutions.

Easy communication with potential business partners

Having a website at your name can be a significant advantage if you are a self-employed person or a consultant. It allows your customers to find you faster, but also to prospect nationally and even globally. SEO will indeed take you much higher in queries relating to your activity area.

To make it easier for your prospects, you just need to set up a contact form. This will be linked to your email address, and you can respond to them directly without them having access to your personal contact.

Moreover, having your personal website will allow you to have an email with your name. This will make you appear much more professional than with a generic address.

Job search: an original and researched CV

Finally, creating a personal website is a good option if you are looking for a job, especially in fields related to IT and communication. It will allow you to create a tailor-made CV.

Thus, you can create a few pages in which you will describe in more detail your experience, your studies or your hobbies. You have the option of including visuals of your projects or links to other websites, as proof of what you are saying.

1.2. Website for your business

Whatever the sector of activity of your company, whether you are a trader, craftsman or entrepreneur, being present on the Internet through a showcase site can increase your communication.

Your website must answer all the questions of your customers or prospects. Indeed, you can give all the important information about your company, your products and your prices in real time.

Open the market to increase your sales

Thanks to the internet and through a showcase site, you enter into a business strategy that allows you to access the whole world.

Increased customer loyalty and new audience interest

Customers can easily learn about a product or business and get advice from other users …

A company that is not listed loses a lot of potential customers, so it is essential to provide an attractive and easily accessible website, in order to encourage future visits as well as making contact with you.

Your customers need to know you better: if your site is regularly updated with new, relevant content, you are sure to keep them satisfied. The first customer service is available on your site, for example in the form of frequently asked questions (FAQ). It can save you a lot of time!

24/7 presence, better services and better credibility

Visible at any time of the day or night, your site ensures your advertising permanently!

Reduce operating costs and advertising costs

In its current functioning, the web can replace shops, newspapers, libraries and telephony.

The calculation is easy to make between postage, advertisements in newspapers or magazines, time and energy spent, the costs of creating a website are final.

In an age when all businesses are looking to save money on most items, not harnessing the potential of the internet is simply not conceivable!

2. Main types of websites

2.1. Static website

If you need a showcase website or a simple presentation website that does not require too frequent updates, the static site is certainly the solution adapted to your needs:

– Original and personalized graphics
– Efficient ergonomics
– Optimized referencing
– All the administration and updates of your website are carried out by our agency.

Samui Multimedia offers scalable solutions so you can, if circumstances change, migrate your website to a manageable, dynamic or e-commerce website later …

2.2. Dynamic website

Directly manage the content of your website …

Do you want to modify the content of your website as and when your news or new products are introduced, freely and easily, without the need for a webmaster? The manageable website is certainly the best solution.

Samui Multimedia offers ergonomic and efficient solutions adapted to your needs allowing optimal management independently.

Many modules can be integrated into the architecture of your dynamic website. The list below is not exhaustive, some modules can be created specifically to respond to particular situations.

– News – Mail Management – WebTV
– Calendar – Newsletter – Photo Gallery
– Pages Management – Statistics – Online Booking
– Directory – ERP – Guestbook
– Auto Promo – Advertising Management – Survey
– CRM – Document Management – Resource Center
– Search Engine – Interactive Map – Human Resources
– Customer Area – Task Manager – Address Book
– Forum – Webcam – Forms Management
– Personnal Management – Managing Users – Newsflash
– RSS Feed – Groupware – Slideshow
– Audio Player – Video Player – 360° Panoramic Photos
– Public Market – Classifieds – Document Conversion

2.3. E-commerce website

E-commerce websites allow people to buy and sell products or services over the internet. They are different from a traditional website in that instead of providing information, they allow consumers and businesses to purchase goods or services online. The e-commerce site allows the user to purchase an item in real time on a company’s website, instead of physically going to the brand’s store and purchasing that product / service.

3. Samui Multimedia services

Samui Multimedia offers you all the services necessary for the creation, referencing, maintenance and monitoring of your website.

3.1. Hosting and domain name

If you do not already have a domain name (eg: www.your-website.com) and/or hosting (server) for your website.
Hosting and domain name

3.2. Website creation

To learn more about the creation of your future website.
Website creation

3.3. S.E.O. Website referencing

To better understand what SEO is and how to apply it to your website.
S.E.O. Website referencing

3.4. Maintenance and monitoring for your website

Once your website is online, don’t forget to maintain and monitor your website.
Website maintenance and monitoring

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