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Social media management

1. Introduction to social media management

Today we are experiencing a major evolution of the Internet and its tools. Companies must anticipate to exploit these new techniques. Social media manaement can be a real asset if used correctly.

We can take care of your company’s digital strategy on social networks in order to better manage the development of your brand’s reputation and notoriety on the web. To do this, we develop and implement an action plan. we take care of monitoring and analyzing the actions of your competitors.

We build and manage your company’s digital communication policy.

2. Define a social networks strategy

Social Network Company

We are working on developing an effective social media strategy. It is not written quickly. Several steps are recommended to achieve an effective digital communication strategy.
Any starting strategy, change of strategy or all important actions must be validated before being applied so that you can keep full control of the actions taken.
We use the most widely used model: targets – objectives – contents – devices – indicators

3. Social media strategy

The social media strategy needs to be structured. To do this, we can use a model which consists in establishing a diagnosis concerning the desired presence, the sustained presence, the collaborators, the content of the company and its competitors. But also a diagnosis on customers, prospects, influencers, influencers and especially the business ecosystem. This model allows for a relevant and effective strategy.

We develop and present to you a presence strategy. Indeed, you can choose to be on all social networks or, on the contrary, select only those that are consistent with the image of the company. We can then build an operational action plan.

One of the main missions of the Social Media Manager is to secure the reputation of the company on the web. To do this, we use control tools.

The construction of the strategy also involves the organization of a social media device with monitoring of reputation on the web and the management of communities on the networks by defining performance criteria.

During the media planning, we choose the content to use, the supports and when the actions will be implemented.

We are thinking about the different goals for social media ads and campaigns. We visualize the potential impacts they can have on different social networks.

4. Advertising campaigns

We manage the organization of communication campaigns on Facebook Ads via Facebook Ads according to an editorial line previously defined and validated to plan our actions.
Our prices below do not take into account the price of advertising campaigns.

5. Analysis, monitoring and performance reporting

The data analysis part is necessary in order to measure the ROI of its actions. Audience, influence, engagement KPIs allow us to measure the impact of campaigns and initiate decisions on future actions.
We send you a monthly report to allow you to consult the analyzes of the results obtained.
This report will allow us together to verify the effectiveness of the current strategy and to make modifications if needed.

6. Social media management prices

Service Price
3 months – Social Media Management 21,000 THB (7,000 THB/month)
6 months – Social Media Management 36,000 THB (6,000 THB/month)
12 months – Social Media Management 60,000 THB (5,000 THB/month)

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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