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1. Translation service

Samui Multimedia uses the services of a professional translation and localization service provider.
The translation is performed by a professional native speaker translator and a qualitative assessment by a second native speaker translator, which consists of reading and providing the dedicated project manager with written comments on the quality level.

The translation time is approximately 1 to 2 days.

2. Translation types

2.1. Digital documents translation

We guarantee that the original layout of the document will be preserved in all editable file formats. We work on the original document overwriting the text and without changing the style or format.

We support most formats: Texte brut, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Open Office etc…

2.2. Graphic projects translation

We can carry out your graphic projects in several languages.

But we can also translate already completed projects. For non-editable files such as images and scanned PDFs, we may retain the layout by adding a DTP service, at an additional cost.

2.3. Website translation

When creating your website, the number of languages ​​is important.
We can integrate them during the creation of the website or add them to your existing site. We can even work directly in the source code of your website. On request, we can also upload your files directly to the web, ready for viewing.

2.4. Official translation

You can request a translation accuracy certificate.
We offer the option of adding a certificate of translation accuracy to your order. This certificate attests that the translation was carried out by a professional mother tongue translator to the best of his knowledge and skills. Certified translations have an additional cost.

We can also provide a sworn translation service, i.e. a translation performed by an officially appointed (sworn) translator, at an additional cost.

3. Translation prices

Prices vary depending on the length, difficulty and format of your texts.

Please contact us for a free quote.

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