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A static website for a first web presence

You need a simple presentation brochure on the Internet does not require too frequent updates.

The static site is definitely the right solution for your needs :

- Original and Custom Graphics
- Effective Usability
- Optimized SEO
- To any administration, updates to your site are handled by us.

Your circumstances change and you want to migrate your site to more complex solutions such Manageable or E-commerce?

Anything is possible, our solutions are scalable!

Dynamic website

Dynamic Website

Respond directly to the content of your site ...

You want to change the content of your website as and when your news, and freely and easily, without the need for a webmaster? The manageable website is definitely the best solution.

We offer ergonomic solutions adapted to your needs 100% for optimum efficiency and management independently. When designing your site, a project web you in a needs analysis or (and) wishes and a development strategy focused primarily on optimizing functionality and the return of your investment approach.

Many modules can be integrated into the architecture of your site. The list below is not exhaustive, some modules created specifically to meet particular situations are not included:

- News- Mail Management- WebTV
- Calendar- Newsletter- Photo Gallery
- Pages Management- Statistics- Online Booking
- Directory- ERP- Guestbook
- Auto Promo- Advertising Management- Survey
- CRM- Document Management- Resource Center
- Search Engine- Interactive Map- Human Resources
- Customer Area- Task Manager- Address Book
- Forum- Webcam- Forms Management
- Personnal Management- Managing Users- Newsflash
- RSS Feed- Groupware- Slideshow
- Audio Player- Video Player- 360° Panoramic Photos
- Public Market- Classifieds- Document Conversion

E-business website

Website E-business

The e-business websites allow people to buy and sell products or services on the Internet.

They are different from a traditional website because instead of providing information, they allow consumers and businesses to buy goods or services online.

The e-commerce site allows the user to purchase an item in real time on the website of a company, instead of physically going to the store of the brand and buy this product / service.

Why a website for a business

1. Dynamism of the company and your communication

Whatever the sector of your business, whether you are shopping, artisan or entrepreneur, being on the internet through a showcase site can increase your capital communication.

Your website answers all the questions your customers or prospective customers may arise. Indeed, you will give all the important information about your business, your products, your prices, and in real time.

At a time when everything must go very quickly, give the customer the option to leave messages for the client via a contact form, or to be reminded to get an answer practically live is a mark of professionalism more most sought after.

2. Opening the domestic market and increase your sales

Today, thanks to the internet and through a showcase site, you enter into a business strategy that allows you to reach the whole of France, see the world.

3. Increased customer loyalty and interest of a new audience

Thanks to the internet, customers can now easily learn about a product, company, and get advice from other users ...

A company that is not referenced loses a lot of potential customers, so it is essential to provide an attractive and readily accessible site, in order to encourage future visits as well as making contact with you.

A clear need for your clients is getting to know you better: if your site is regularly updated with new relevant content, you will not miss the satisfaires. The first customer service available on your site, for example in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), can you do earn a substantial time!

4. Presence 24H/24 and 7/7, improved services and enhanced credibility

Visible at any time of the day or night, your site ensures your advertising continuously! Advice obtained from the Internet allow you to improve your services or products, giving your business a boost credibility with your customers.

5. Reducing operating costs and advertising costs

As it operates today, the web can replace stores, newspapers, libraries and telephone.

The calculation is easy to make between postage, advertisements in newspapers or magazines and the time and energy spent without always get back and the costs of creating a website is final.

At a time when all businesses are looking to save on most items, not to exploit the potential of the internet is simply not possible!

Samui Multimedia services

1. The project to create a website

Website Project

Together, we identify at first your needs and expectations.

Before actually starting the design phase of your website, we define systematically with each of our clients specifications providing all the features to implement, pages or articles provide for the creation of a website.

It is from this document is done creating your website.

Samui Multimedia performs this specification and associated with your quote.

For its implementation, Samui Multimedia is based on all of your requirements: items desired, desired features ...

2. The design of the website

Website Design

Once your project site creation validated, the next step is to design the graphics and design different pages of your website.

For the design of your website, Samui Multimedia meets all your requirements (type of design, choice of colors, to incorporate elements such as your logo, the disclaimer, sitemap ...) while giving you knowledge and board.

Webdesign includes graphic designs but also the layout of the various components of each page.

3. The integration phase

Website Integration

After making webdesign site with a graphic design software, we realize your website with the different elements that you provide to us or that we create for you..

This third stage of website creation is to codify the design to be read by a browser. This is integration.

Samui Multimedia performs this integration HTML and CSS languages ​​for formatting a web page.

4. Programming site

Website Programming

Then comes the "programming" part of your website.

Depending on your needs, this program provides the desired functionality: update site, dynamic pages, database.

All the websites we create are valid with the W3C standard for an optimal natural SEO.

5. Website creation monitoring

Website Monitoring

Once the website design is completed, Samui Multimedia can help you track and maintain your website and help you in your internet approach.

This monitoring may involve intervention in case of technical problems but also advice on SEO website "or web marketing.

If your site has an administrative section for updates, Samui Multimedia will then guide you in its use.

To ensure the longevity of your website, it is necessary to follow its evolution to regularly enrich its content and thus make it live.

To anticipate modifications and check the hearing of your site, we implement statistical tools as Google Analytics that you can quantify and qualify the traffic.

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